Get Ready For The Biggest Launch of PandaInu Meme Coin.

Panda Inu is a Doge And Shiba meme token Killer because it has the largest community worldwide and the Next Potential 1000x Coin. So let's tighten Your Seat Belts And Follow The Upcoming Announcements with the Etherconnect Core community with us.

  • PandaInu First MEME coin with use case.
  • A future ready meme coin with own Dapp wallet.
  • Join the private sale from 18 August 2021. Be Ready.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q1. What is PandaInu?

PandaInu is the first meme token which supports NFT farming with Panda Wallet. The $PWT token is community of Etherconnect & EIFI Finance. It is original Non-governance token. PWT will be used to incentivize community members in liquidity mining, airdrop, stake, DAO and Panda Dapp Wallet transaction fees. PandaInu is a world largest Community-driven Meme token use case because of backed by world’s most promising currency ECC and EIFI token.